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About Us

Agripieces SA (Pty) Ltd was founded and established in 2012. In principal the company was founded to service its sister company Agripecas Mocambique Lda. As part of the operation Agripieces SA would source and supply into Mozambique using the existing Agripieces SA network of international suppliers. Since then, Agripieces SA has grown from strength to strength and secured well-known international brands as part of its increasing product range.

Agripieces SA specialises in Agriculural equipment and parts. A diverse range of tillage equipment is available at Agripieces SA. The company is responsible for sales and distribution throughout Sub Sahara Africa. The range includes Top European Brands including Agro Masz, Staltech and Grano Systems. This places the company in a position to compete with all major players in the Agricultural industry in South Africa.

Our Vision

In addition to our current services including supply- on- demand we wish to add value to Agriculture as a whole in Africa. Upliftment and support to farmers to ensure optimum results in soil preparation is high on our list of priorities. Furthermore, giving farmers a suitable solution

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